What is the Value of a Marriott Bonvoy Point?

Marriott Bonvoy is one of the most popular hotel loyalty programs for Canadians. This is not only because it is not only run by the largest hospitality chain in the world, but it also is only one of two hotel loyalty programs that have an associated credit card in Canada. When redeemed for hotels, we value each Marriott Bonvoy Point to be worth about 0.9 cents per point. Below is how we determined that redemption value.

Hotels - Value: 0.9 Cents Per Point

Transfer to Aeroplan - Value: 0.83 Cents Per Point


Value: 0.9 Cents Per Point

Marriott Bonvoy Points can be redeemed at any Marriott-branded hotel around the world for free stays. All Marriott's are ranked to be one of 8 categories based on their average cost to stay a night. As an example, if you are looking to stay at a Ritz-Carlton in New York City, that is a Category 8 Hotel. The Residence Inn Regina on the other hand? Category 2 and on a weekend that'll likely only cost you 10,000 Marriott Bonvoy Points.

Marriott Redemption Table

After performing a detailed analysis of many hotels worldwide, we found the average value of a Marriott Bonvoy Point to sit at 0.9 cents per point. It is important to note this is only an average: we found some redemptions to be worth over 1.5 cents per point, and others to be worth less than 0.5 cents per point.

Transfer to Aeroplan

Value: 0.83 Cents Per Point

Marriott Bonvoy Points can also be transferred to Aeroplan at a rate of 25,000 Miles for every 60,000 points transferred. Since we value Aeroplan Miles to be worth 2 cents per Mile, that means the value of each Marriott Bonvoy Point transferred is 0.83 cents. Overall we recommend redeeming for hotels instead when possible.

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